2007 Kubota L 3940 Tractor SCAM


2007 Kubota L 3940 Tractor SCAM

Post by ottisn » November 15th, 2008, 4:00 pm

I am emailing you regarding the tractor that I have for sale . I saw from your email that you are interested in the tractor.
So, as you can see in the pictures , the tractor looks and works perfect and I must tell you that this is a regretful sale but I have some problems at my farm and I must sell it now.
Everything on the tractor works like new, no hided problems.

In order to speed up the process I prefer closing the transaction trough an eBay purchase protection program because is this way both of us are protected . If you don't know how does the eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection Program work please let me know so I can help you. I used it several times (as a seller but as well as a buyer) and everything was perfect.
The tractor was inspected by eBay and they approved the sale through their service . Since I am not able to close this deal in person I decided to include shipping & handling fees in the final price ($ 11,000 ) and you will not have to pay any other taxes to register the tractor on your name.
The tracor is registered in TX where I am living right now but it is located in San Jose, CA at the shipping center and from there it will be shipped to your address. The payment must be sent to eBay and ONLY BY BANK TRANSFER ( they not accept cashier checks or money orders as method of payment for this kind of transactions ).
If you are interested in going ahead with the transaction please let me know your full name and shipping address so I can open a transaction case through eBay with your details.
If not, please let me know as well in order to look for other buyer.

Best Regards

I also saw the listing on a different site under another persons name - John Terry, who stated :
Date: Thu, Nov 13 2008 17:08:10 (GMT)

Hi Mr. Ottis,

The tractor is owned by Mr. Garry Newman , who is my uncle and he asked me to advertise his tractor on my alibaba.com account. As I know from him, the tractor is at eBay's shipping center in San Jose, CA because they ask him to send the tractor there for inspection in order to open his account through their Vehicle Protection Program.
We are from Austin , Texas but my uncle come after a divorce and he didn't wanted to sell the tractor locally because he don't want to handle the registration form and stuff. He just sent the tractor to eBay to and they will handle the transaction. The shipping was half payed by my uncle and half was included in the VPP.
I also know that eBay act as a third party in this transaction and that the buyer will have to send a deposit payment of $ 5000 to eBay prior shipping and the rest of the funds after the buyer receive and inspect the tractor.
Please discuss with him futher details.
Best regards,

Sender's IP Address:69.43.106.*
Sender's IP Country:United States

Case ID: 3901432785
Date: 11.15.2008
Status: Payment Pending
Item Title: 2007 Kubota L3940
Buy It Now Price $11,000.00 US
Quantity Sold: 1
Location: eBay Shipping Center
Shipping: $0.00 USD
Shipping to*:

*Please check the details for an accurate delivery in order to avoid delays.
And finally, from http://answercenter.ebay.com/thread.jsp ... 5338512444
you will find that they tried to scam another e-bay user.

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Re: 2007 Kubota L 3940 Tractor SCAM

Post by Doc » November 15th, 2008, 6:24 pm

Scammers Suck!

And they are getting more sophisticated in their scams!
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