Before The Internet, There Was The Droolnet.. :)

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Before The Internet, There Was The Droolnet.. :)

Post by Doc » March 11th, 2006, 12:21 pm


Bob Tarallo, Doc, and Jortis Webb in the rear..

Back before the internet came along, we used to bounce our communications off a satellite. It was much cheaper than calling long distance during ZMH with a slow modem to exchange the days messages.

Then someone finked me out to the city for not getting a permit, probably the slumlord next door whose house was falling down, and infested with termites!

The city of St Petersburg wanted me to get a permit for this 20 pound satellite dish.. The permit was only 40.00 which was not too bad, BUT.. The clincher was, It had to be installed by a licensed contractor, and the installation had to be certified by a structural engineer to withstand 115mph winds..

So.. I bought that 100.00 F10 Datsun (With Cold Air) and we parked it and mounted the dish on the roof of the car! I even put a 30 day temporary tag on the car to make it street legal..

The code inspector went ballistic! Called it an accessory structure.. I politely informed him of his ignorance and said to go ahead and cite me.. I would unhook the cable and park it right in front of city hall!

Stirred up so much shit that they soon changed the permitting requirements.. I put it back on the roof, sold the car for 500.00 to another drooler who was getting divorced, Fitting car for your wife in a divorce (holes in the roof and all)..

More photos over here..

What ever happened to the good old days????
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Post by turtle-clan » March 11th, 2006, 4:56 pm

I really enjoy the pictures and stories. They are so precious.
Of course they should, we are the same age.
Brings back some really good memories of how Florida used to be.
Oh if only..............................
Be patient, and get-r-done

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