Buyer Sabotaging Vehicle On Test Drive To Reduce Price

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Buyer Sabotaging Vehicle On Test Drive To Reduce Price

Post by Doc » March 4th, 2006, 1:59 pm ... 1493548713

I am currently selling my '96 Altima which is in very nice condition and well maintained.

The big mistake was since the car is at work, and I was out at the time, my Boss let someone test drive the car alone, something I would NEVER do.

This was the 3rd person to test drive the car. I had returned to work when the guy got back from test driving the car. He Parked the car and asked a lot of common questions, and asked to drive the car again. I didn't think much of it, but when he returned, He told me "I should reduce the price because the airbag light is flashing and the car is unsafe unless it has expensive repairs".
HUH? Someone had test driven the car earlier, and it was not on, also, I had turned the car off and removed the keys meself earlier and I would have noticed the large flashing red light on the instrument cluster. He also said nothing about it on the first test drive.

He was quite insistant I sell him the car at $1000 off the $3200 asking price.
I knew something was up to no good, so I told him the price is $3200 FIRM, and the price will be $3700 if I fix the airbag problem. He IMMEDIATELY got in his car and left. He was driving a brand new Ford 500.

WHY would someone driving a brand new car be shopping for a '96 Altima anyway? I did some research online, and found out the airbag light flashing meant something was up with the driver's airbag. Apparently, the guy knew unplugging and reconnecting the airbag cable while the car is on will trip an error code. I looked and the yellow cable to the airbag is accessable under the steering column. Fortunately, the procedure to reset the light was on the same forum I found the information on
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