Is this how it works??

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Is this how it works??

Post by Doc » January 29th, 2006, 12:07 pm

Is this how it works?
stan8489 (3 ) View Listings | Report Jan-27-06 20:43 PST
Please help there was a Honda Gold Wing listed in eBay Motors for sale for $4700.00 the owner lives in the UK. I e-mailed the seller and stated to him i would like to buy bike for the price listed in the eBay bid. on Jan.26,06 i received a e-mail from eBay that stated Congratulations my name,eBay Transaction Started:Purchase protection granted. This e-mail went on to state, Current status:Payment pending, and a short paragraph stating the trustworthiness of the seller and the item is in our possession and in perfect codition.from there it listed details and instructions for this transaction.Which listed my name the buyer, and the seller name and instructions on how the funds were to be paided using Money Gram International. When payment was made i was to fax a copy of the receipt to a fax number listed in the e-mail.then it go's on to say that payment won't be made to the seller intill the item is deliver and i can inspect the item i purchase.If i like what i see and I agree to the sale,then the funds would release to the seller. Then in go on to state Conditions to be meet for a Refund and it listed a Refund request for eBay Transaction # which is a 10 digit. So my question is this, Have I been scamed or is this how eBay does things. Any help would GREAT!
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dogthebountyhunter (57 ) View Listings | Report Jan-27-06 20:45 PST 1 of 7
Yes you have been scammed!

arkiehotrods (661 ) View Listings | Report Jan-27-06 20:48 PST 2 of 7
You have been scammed. If you haven't yet sent the money, don't. Read the posts above about scams, warning flags, etc. This is the classic scam.

wandrn (161 ) View Listings | Report Jan-27-06 22:00 PST 3 of 7
Read this link, "THIRTEEN RED FLAGS", ... 8217074649

signsup (212 ) View Listings | Report Jan-28-06 08:25 PST 4 of 7
OP's at the neighborhood bar trying to come up with a story to tell his wife how he lost $4700.

And we wonder why the scammers keep trying this?

Because once in a thousand tries, it works.

salez4u (149 ) View Listings | Report Jan-29-06 03:51 PST 5 of 7 ... 0866640396 ... 0-14174500

mountain_motorsports (1532 ) View Listings | Report Jan-29-06 04:31 PST 6 of 7
Why do folks come here AFTER they send money?

What made them look here now instead of before they get took?

$4700...go bye, bye.......

Next time you have $4700 to spend, find a reputable dealer in this country to help you with your purchase.

I guarrantee you will be happier than you are now.....

gearhead_to_the_max (304 ) View Listings | Report Jan-29-06 08:37 PST 7 of 7
"Is this how it works?"


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