possible scam?

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possible scam?

Post by Vinnie » November 20th, 2005, 9:31 pm

i almost fell for this one, but i noticed some tell tale scam signs and did a little research on ebay motors scams, coming across this site.
http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/corrado- ... dZViewItem

heres some email transcripts:

>----- Original Message -----
> >From: tomy marshall <tomy_tomy_marshal@hotmail.com>
> >Date: Saturday, November 19, 2005 6:41 pm
> >Subject: RE: VW
> >
> > > Hello,
> > >
> > > First of all i want to thank you for your recent intrest in my
> car!> > The car is a 1993 Volkswagen Corrado vr6 in perfect
> conditions> > without any
> > > mechanical problems .
> > > The price for the item is US $2000 . As a shipping career I will
> > > use DAS,
> > > all the shipping/handling
> > > and insurance charges are included in the sale price. You will get
> > > the
> > > package with all the papers,
> > > clear title, bill of sale signed by me as well. If you have any
> > > questions at
> > > all, please let me know and
> > > I will be more than willing to help you out! If you would
> like to
> > > go ahead
> > > with an order right away
> > > contact me via e-mail and i will let you know more about the
> > > transaction.
> > > Thank you.

----- Original Message -----
From: tomy marshall <tomy_tomy_marshal@hotmail.com>
Date: Sunday, November 20, 2005 6:46 pm
Subject: Re: RE: VW

> Fort Mill, SC is the location of the car.
> I`m not in US for the moment and the pick it up option is not
> available !
> but i can ship you the car for free.
> There is nothing wrong with the car ... i sell the car at this
> price because
> i recently moved from US to Glasgow with my wife who is from
> England and we
> intend to marry in UK
> and i sold my house over US and everything owned by me and the
> only thing to
> sell is the car.
> So if you want to make this deal i will need the following details
> to
> prepare the shipping :
> -full name and address;
> -shipping address;
> -phone #

seems like a scam to me, but id like the forums opinion.




Post by wittbelle » November 21st, 2005, 1:21 pm

That's definitely a scam.


Scam Artist e-mail trail

Post by janvis » November 22nd, 2005, 11:14 am

For the pure sport of it I have engaged an E-Bay scam artist via e-mails. This is the scam where you must e-mail the seller direct as his e-bay account is full. The following is the e-mail trail (i've got him to give me the wire transfer data):

From: "ur 65" <gossact3@hotmail.com> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
To: Jan
Subject: RE: 1970 280SL
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 02:09:19 -0900

dear sir
here is my name and address for the money transfer.you will use as
Name:Andrew Andersen
Address: VIA Moroni 19
If you are being asked why you are transferring the money, tell them
you are transferring them to a friend not to make a business because
will extra charge me when i will go o pick up the money.
After you've completed the transfer you will receive a confirmation
will alow me to track the transfer.Here are the details that i need:
-sender name and address
-receiver name
-exact amount wired
-MTCN # (10 digits)
-if it is possible a scanned copy of the receipt format .JPEG for me to
to the files
in the same mail you will send me your shipping adress to start the
ptocedure asap.
let me know

>From: Jan
>To: ur 65 <gossact3@hotmail.com>
>Subject: RE: 1970 280SL
>Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 18:07:19 -0800 (PST)
>Hey thats great news!
> Send me your information and telephone number so I can call you to
>the information to send you some money!
> Jan
>ur 65 <gossact3@hotmail.com> wrote:
> dear sir,
>The car is still for sale and the selling price inclouding all
shipping and
>charges is 6400$.so i will pay all shipping and delivery charges all
>to your doorsteps.
>so you will be able to receive it in 4-5 working days (depending on
>exact location).The car is located in Italy.
>I need the first deposit so i can keep the car for you,
>give me the rest of the money after you receive the car and complete
>If you agree with the terms,we can get this deal moving.
>I will be waiting for your quick reply
>best regards,
>p.s. I need your corect full name and shipping address in order to
>and start our deal in case you want to buy my car.
> >From: Jan
> >To: ur 65
> >Subject: RE: 1970 280SL
> >Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 09:45:25 -0800 (PST)
> >
> >please explain where you are located?
> >
> > When will you place the item back on e-bay for the buy-it-now
> >transaction?
> >
> > I am curious what the freight costs are since you are including
them in
> >the transaction cost?
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Jan
> >
> >ur 65 wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> >
> >
> >i'm glad to hear that you are interested about my car.
> >The car is no longer on eBay because i closed the auction for one
> >now
> >he is telling me he is unable to send me the payment immediately so
> >car
> >is still available if you want to buy it.
> >
> >This car is in perfect condition without any damaged or other
> >problems.The selling price inclouding our shiping and delivery
charges is
> >6400$
> >Again the car is in showroom condition and it work's perfect.
> >
> >Warranty from the factory international.
> >The title is clear and it is in my possesion.It will be shipped from
> >car is made for USA market and have US specs on it so you wont pay
> >customs
> >or import fees on it.
> >I will send you all papers and documents,clear title,bills of sale
> >prouve
> >the
> >ownership and to be able to register it with no problem.
> >I love this car, and I would really hate to
> >sell it but we are prepared to move in here and my wife and we are
> >expecting
> >a kid.
> >The car has a Clear Title wich you will receive it with the car.It
can be
> >registerd into your name.Also this car will arrive with all the
> >documentations
> >required for registration.I will ship the car for free via LUFTHANSA
> >CARGO Service in 5 days you will have it.
> >I bought this car from US,it has US clear title US emissions.
> >I will send you all papers and documents,clear title,bills of sale
> >prouve
> >the
> >ownership and to be able to register it with no problem.
> >So once again here are the main facts of this transaction:
> >-Clear Title,Warranty,all papers to register the car
> >-US mode with US specs
> >Also,you have nothing to worry about this deal because will be done
it in
> >secure way.The most important thing in all my activities, is that I
> >affiliated at eBay Motors vehicle purchase program and I have a
> >Protection Account for USD $20,000 and I assume you know what this
> >If you did not hear about deals through eBay Motors purchase program
> >me
> >now your full name and address and eBay Motors will contact you with
> >the
> >details regarding this transaction.They will keep the payment
> >you receive it and test it.
> >Also,in case you do not like the car or you are not satisfy they
> >refound you 100%.
> >I am ready to ship the car immediately so
> >please contact me asap.
> >
> >Thank you!
> >
> >
> >p.s. I need your corect full name and shipping address in order to
> >eBay
> >and start our deal in case you want to buy my car.
> >
> >
> > >From: Jan
> > >To: gossact3@hotmail.com
> > >Subject: 1970 280SL
> > >Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2005 20:07:39 -0800 (PST)
> > >
> > >Hi - could you tell me if the car is still registered in
> > >
> > > Also what would the freight charge to 92646 be?
> > >
> > > Any issues with the car - oil leaks, body work etc.
> > >
> > > And lastly I am very interested in your buy it now - please
> > >it would work.
> > >
> > > Many thanks
> > >
> > > Jan
> > >
> > >
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> >
> >
> >


i just got burned yesterday

Post by jorno67 » November 23rd, 2005, 11:34 am

Check this out. when I didn't recieve any kind of confirmation - I called to stop the wire tranfer but it was too late.

The bike is still for sale.

Some words about the bike:

Make:harley Davidson
Model:XL Custom 883 Sportster
Engine:883 cc
Warranty:2 years left
Price:$3100 shipping included
Still have 2 years left on warranty.
Extras Include:

Color Matched Hard Saddlebags
Vance & Hines Pipes
Chrome Engine Kit
AuxilliaryLights/Passing Lamps
Engine Guard
Solo Seat (Passenger Pillion included but can be removed for solo riding)
Purple LED Lights
Sound System (small speakers on handlebars) (does not include MY MP3 player)
Skull Collection (including footpegs, grips, derby cover, timer cover, shifter linkage, etc.)
Not to mention, ALL the "little" things that have been added, chrome regulator cover, color matched air filter cover (will include original), etc.

before we go any further I need your confirmation that you are aware of the following and that you agree:
1.The bike is with me in Germany and I wil be making shipping from here
2.Price is 3100$ shipping included
3.I will ship with Lufthansa Air Cargo.The bike will be fully insured and crated.It usually takes 4 days to arrive at your location.You will get tracking # and date and hour of arrival and all that.You can pick it up from the airport or I can arrange with the delivery service to have a truck pick it up and deliver it to your shipping address.
4.If you want to buy this bike you must know that I would like us use use ebay's purchase protection program.I hope that you are ok to make the deal by eBay since this way is the only way that i can move forward
5.The bike runs great,never been down,never in an accident,no cosmetical dammages.
If you agree to all these I will contact ebay and start the process with them.I will need your full name,shipping address and ebay name.
As soon as I have your confirmation and details they will contact you with payment instructions.
Thank you

<jorno67@msn.com> wrote:
I am very interested in this bike, but i noticed it is no longer on ebay. Has it sold already?



From: Scott Horton <usscoot1@yahoo.com>
To: jorno67@msn.com
Subject: Re: Question for item - Harley-Davidson : Sportster
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2005 09:12:22 -0800 (PST)

Sorry for the late answer.First of all my name is Scott Horton and i am the owner of the 2005 Harley Davidson XL 883 Sportster that you have asked about on eBay.The bike has no mechanical/cosmetical problems.It just needs a new owner.

I am willing to sell it for a lower price than usual because I had to move with my family in Europe.I have a new home in Germany so registering the bike here is impossible because of the high fees.
The price of US $3100 includes all the shipping and insurance fees from my location to your shipping adress.The bike is still for sale since I can't find a buyer locally .
The registration papers are all ok and it has a US clear title.It has all the Us specs and passes all the emission tests .It can be registered in any state.
The keys and papers will be sent with UpS owernight.Shipping the bike will not take more than 4 days and when it will arrive you will not have to pay any
extra money beside the buy it now price .
Please let me know if you are interested in buying my baby.

Bike info:
Make:Harley Davidson
Model:XL Custom 883 Sportster
Price:3100 US$ shipping included

Scott Horton

PS:I attached pics of the bike

I also got this:

eBay Buyer Protection

Congratulations - You Are Approved To Buy!

Dear jorno67 ,
Congratulations! You are approved to buy.
At the request of Scott Horton, eBay is recording the transaction for item:
2005 Harley Davidson XL Custom 883 Sportster
The item was insured by eBay .
The buyer will be allowed to buy the item when the payment by
Western Union will be completed.

Please continue with this deal as you both are fully insured against fraud. If something goes wrong, please email us and we will take the needed measures. We will recover the funds.

Item : 2005 Harley Davidson XL Custom 883 Sportster
Seller: Scott Horton (usscoot1@yahoo.com)
Buyer: Richard Jorn (jorno67@msn.com)

2005 Harley Davidson XL Custom 883 Sportster

Seller: scootcontrol (88)
Positive Feedback: 100 %
Member since:Mar-13-01 in United States
price: $3,100.00

Item location: Berlin,Germany
Ships to: United States

Sale price: $ 3,100.00

Quantity: 1

Subtotal: $ 3,100.00

Shipping & Handling

Other $0.00

Insurance per item: ($ 3,100.00)

Sales tax: (none)

Ship-to: 711 Voorhies
Baton Rouge
United States
Payment Instructions
When the buyer confirms the payment item will be shipped.


Subtotal: $ 3,100.00(Shipping and Handling included)

Note that you have to send the $ 3,100.00 and as soon as you confirm the payment item will be shipped.

To complete the transaction you have to make the transfer of $ 3,100.00 using Western Union's Wire Transfer Service to the name of our eBay agent stationed in Europe,Austria:

First name:Sebastian
Last name:De Mendosa
Address:Gallg 22
Postal code:1130

To make this transfer you have to find a Western Union office near you.Search one: copy and paste this address into your browser's address bar:
The transfer is paid with cash and you need to have a form of ID when you make it.
You will also need Sebastian De Mendosa's up mentioned name and address so you can address the transfer to him.
For both parties's safety, you will send the Western Union Transfer Information to eBay.
You also need to send us a scanned copy of the transfer receipt so we can validate the payment.

The following transfer related Information is needed:

Sender's Name
Sender's Address
Money Transfer Control Number (the 10 digit code from your transfer receipt)
Receiver's Name
Receiver's Address
Secret Question/Answer **if any

**Note - This is sensitive information. Provide it exactly as filled on the Western Union transfer form.

Our customer support department will check the transfer and if the payment is available we will notify Scott Horton to proceed with shipping the merchandise.

We will hold the money until you receive,inspect the up mentioned merchandise and declare it as described by Scott Horton.
Our agent Sebastian De Mendosa will forward the payment to Scott Horton once we have received your confirmation.

**Note - The transfer information is needed to collect the payment and will be provided ONLY to eBay.
We will forward the payment to Scott Horton after you receive the merchandise and declare it as described by the seller.
**Note - Should any problem occur to this transaction, you, as the protected/insured part will be 100% refunded and we will further investigate afterwards.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return the product within 30 days of receipt.
eBay will be unable to process credit for returns without a prior authorization, so please ensure that you follow the Procedure that is outlined below. RMA numbers cannot be extended or reissued.
The RMA label must be attached to all packages being returned.
The purchase invoice must be included with the return. If there are multiple packages, a separate copy of the invoice must be included in all packages being returned.
The return must be sent within 10 days of the issuance of the RMA.
Any return that fails to meet these guidelines will not be considered a complete return and could be subject to a restocking fee or denial of credit. Excessive, incomplete or costly return patterns may result in termination of purchasing privileges.
Original shipping and handling charges may not be refundable. You are responsible for shipping and proof of delivery on all returns;therefore, for your protection, we strongly suggest that you fully
insure the package you are returning and use a traceable carrier that can provide you proof of delivery. If you cannot provide proof of delivery for your return, you will not receive credit for that return.
As our User Agreement explains, if you are approved buyer on any item, you are expected to honor your approved and are obligated to complete the transaction.
Our Non-Paying Buyers Policy exists to help us enforce our User Agreement with respect to non-paying approved buyers.
We will take full measures against persons that will brake the eBay's rules.


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