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Welcome To New Forum Members

Post by Doc » February 26th, 2015, 9:17 am

We are dedicated to giving you a forum that is easy to use and free of hackers, trolls, and corporate shills & sock puppets, trying to discredit board posters personal opinions. Forum spam and troll posts have long been a problem with discussion boards. Old outdated so called "anti-spam solutions" just do not work in this day and age. This board is running the latest version of phpBB 3.1 and is a responsive design to work well with desktop computers as well as smartphones.

This forum features the latest Full TLS Encryption courtesy of CloudFlare.com with certificates located on both our dedicated server and via CloudFlare who acts as our Firewall and DNS. This ensures NOBODY can sniff your IP and intercept what you are reading or posting while using this board. Also our server logs are in a secure directory that does not allow indexing by bots. Your IP and Identity are your business and we intend to keep it that way.

You must have a Clean IP to post or register a new account on this board. We suggest registering your own account rather than posting as a guest. This allows subscribing to topics and receiving email notification of replies to your posts plus your own user profile and avatar if wanted. We also feature private messaging between board members in complete anonymity of your email address and IP address.

We allow guest user posting and easy user registration without captcha or other challenges, including no email address link verification. But to keep spam and troll posts at a minimum we enable the service of cleantalk.org to check registrations and posts against known spam blacklist databases. If you are using Tor or HMA (Hide My Ass) or some other vpn or proxy server chances are it's IP has been flagged as a spammer, if that is the case try another IP.

There is no censorship here - anyone can comment freely. You just have to have a Clean IP to do it. Use of a VPN or Proxy is allowed if the IP is not flagged as a spammer. I suggest copying your post to your clipboard before submitting if using an anonymous IP provider. Makes it easy to resubmit if the IP you are on is rejected by our spam check service. ;)

Any questions contact me :)
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