Impostor eBay sites - FAKE - DO NOT USE SITES LISTED

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Impostor eBay sites - FAKE - DO NOT USE SITES LISTED

Post by JoeArizona » December 28th, 2006, 10:39 pm

HI doc. Happy Holidays!!!

Hey, is it alright to capture impostor sites and post them here?

If so, I have the folks that scammed me next web site/domain. for the first one of many to come from other folks. ... 4669406108

as like the last one you can replace 464669406108 in the above URL with a number found in the img folder of the site ... /ssl2/imgs/?M=D

The ODAPI site is down but the domain still is active (had ~1000 imgs)
Site- ... 4662910068

Domain - ...

Also note that these same folks were using domain also.


BTW - I have filed my court case - filed 12/8 and served them 12/12- no lawyer thou - just me - Justice Civil - suing for $9,999.00 ~$3300 actual and ~$6600 punitive damages.

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Post by Doc » December 31st, 2006, 7:49 pm

Hi Joe..

Happy New Year.. I hope you stick it to the ePig Good in 2007!

Those scam sites really suck!

I have pretty much given up on eBay to provide a secure trading platform to their users.. They just don't give a Rats Azz about anything but milking everyone out of as much $$$ as they can!

It's sad to see it become such a Garbage Dump!
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