EBay Up As Analysts See Listings Growth

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EBay Up As Analysts See Listings Growth

Post by Doc » March 28th, 2006, 3:06 pm

BUT.. Is that counting all the scam/hijacked acct listings too??

EBay Shares Gain After Analysts See 30-Percent Plus Listings Growth in First Quarter

NEW YORK (AP) -- Shares of eBay Inc. traded higher Tuesday after several analysts issued positive readings on the online auctioneer's quarter-to-date listings and forecast more upside to the stock.

EBay shares rose $1.48, or 4 percent, to $38.63 in afternoon trading on Nasdaq, though the stock is down 14 percent for the year so far.

"We continue to recommend investors buy eBay shares given our view that the shares offer 30 percent-plus upside," Goldman Sachs analyst Anthony Noto said in a client note Monday. Noto is projecting eBay's first-quarter listings will be up 32 percent from the prior year.

"Growth in listings generally remains on par with growth in every quarter of 2005," except the fourth quarter, when growth accelerated, Noto said.

Noto raised his first-quarter earnings estimate for eBay by a penny, to 24 cents per share, but lowered his revenue forecast to $1.39 billion from $1.42 billion, in line with the Street's overall expectations.

JPMorgan analyst Imran Khan, in a client note Tuesday, also said eBay's listings are up 32 percent so far this quarter and reiterated his "Overweight" rating. "We believe better than expected revenue growth and improving margins will lead to multiple expansion and relative stock price outperformance," Khan said in the note.

Merrill Lynch analyst Justin Post, in a client note Monday, said eBay's first-quarter listings look "solid" and forecast the company's revenue above the Street's expectations at $1.4 billion to $1.42 billion.

"We believe core business is solid," Post said.

Over the past 52 weeks, eBay shares have traded between $30.78 and $47.86.
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Post by RS69cam777 » March 28th, 2006, 11:46 pm

Do LISTINGS translate SALES???

I don't know ONE person that has not heard about the shanagan scams on EBay,

And these are all people that have never used it.

So maybe IAm in a weird part of the world?

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Post by MidoriMeadows » March 29th, 2006, 9:56 am

They do for ebay. They charge us whether it sells or not so it's a sale for them. Is it good for us? Guess it depends whether you make an actual sale.

This month I've made a goodly amount of sales off ebay. Yea!
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