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Bad Seller EAmotors? Sure looks that way to me!

Posted: September 14th, 2005, 9:38 am
by Doc

Sorry for being so rude as to send you this email.
My name is Erla Bjarnadottir, I am from Iceland and my eBay username is erla703. I have been reading some of your answers in the discussion boards and thougt maybe you could give me some advise.
I won an Cadillac at an auction on ebay june the 15th, the seller is EAmotors in Florida, and I paid in full by bank wire transfer on june the 20th. ($10.590)
Since then I have been trying to get the title for the car with no succsess, the car dealer gives me the runaround.
She says she has sent the title three times to me and always gets it returned, but it has never seen this side of the Atlantic and I have never even got a tracking number in spite of me asking. I have phoned and sent numerous emails but she does not answer anymore. I opened up an dispute panel at the beginning of august and she replied at first and i sent another qquestion and have not heard a word since then.
I have a representative in the States that I gave a POA to recieve the title but no go, I asked her to send the title by FedEx to the shipping company in Norfolk but she refuses to do so. I dont understand why if she does get it returned in the mail, as she claims.
I have tried to get some help or answeres from eBay and they always say they will get back to me in 24 hours, the last time was august 24th, some 24 hours they have. I do not fir into the buyers protection program because I was in Iceland when the payment went down, (thats in the small writing), anyway I really just want my title so I can ship my car to Iceland, its of no use to me sitting in a warehouse in Norfolk.
I will understand if you just delete this email, I just am at my wits end and could really use some advise.
Thank you for your witty responses in the discussions boards.

With my best wishes

Erla Bjarnadottir
Aesufell 4
111 Reykjavik
phone 354 8212510
email [email protected]