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bidding limit of under 6 items and $2.00

Posted: April 26th, 2005, 3:31 pm
by guest
hi i am a new user i bid on a item that is a illegal listing i report it ebay does nothing seller gets a note so he knows i reported it and leaves me a neg

I now have a -1 score

with 6 outstanding bids and winning only one I try to subbmit a higher bid on a item for a seller who combines shipping of OMFG $2.00 i get this little gem

Buying Activity Limit Reached

To help protect your account, we limit the number of bids or purchases by a single account at one time. This limit is only temporary.

If you would like to continue bidding or buying items at this time, you will need to increase the activity limits on your account. You can do this clicking the button below and providing us with some information.

Protect your eBay Account: eBay will never ask you to enter your personal information - such as credit card number, password, or other -- in an email.

how the hell does this protect MY ACCOUNT??? ebay sits on its ARSE and i get the shaft and now IM the one who cant bid on things. jesus how the hell does 6 items = scam how does wining .01 of goods = scam what idiot set those kinds of limits?